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Wonder where I stand on a specific issue? You can probably find that issue down below! If not, don't hesitate to contact me through social media or email! 


I am proudly Pro-Life. I believe that life begins at conception and that every human being deserves their life, liberty, and property protected. As a society, we have a moral obligation to protect the most vulnerable citizens from harm. Citizens tax dollars should also not fund abortions Planned Parenthood should be defunded and life protected.


I believe in a Free Market in Agriculture. Taxes, regulations, and subsidies have hijacked the current quality and price of food. This essentially means that the government picks winners and losers when it comes to farms. Bigger farms get the government goodies, and the smaller ones are left to fend for themselves. It’s time to end these subsidies and create a level playing field for Agriculture.

Campaign Finance Reform

To end the corrupt revolving door between the government and lobbyists we need to make sure that dark money is adequately reported and disclosed. The American people deserve to know who is funding their representatives in government. I am open to looking at any bill that reforms our current system while also upholding the Constitution.


To fight crime, we need to make sure our police officers have all the resources they need to fight crime and keep us safe. With that being said I am a strong supporter of body cameras for our police officers. In the past decade many conflicts have arisen in situations where police officers shoot a suspect on site and questions appear on whether the shooting was merited. If we have video footage of these encounters, we can better determine whether our police officers reacted appropriately or inappropriately to the situation at hand.

Criminal Justice Reform

I believe that our current criminal justice system is broken. In America, we have 25% of the world's prison population while only representing 5% of the world's population. This problem is not because Americans are worse people, but because we imprison too many citizens for victimless crimes. It is also because of unfair Mandatory Minimum Sentencing. It’s time we end Mandatory Minimum Sentencing, and we should restore nonviolent felons voting right upon completing parole. Everyone deserves a second chance after making a mistake.  

Death Penalty

I am firmly against the death penalty because the government should not have the power to put someone to death. According to the National Academy of Science for every 25 people put to death, one is later found to be innocent. The government should not have the power over life and death when there’s a chance that the government could be wrong. Furthermore, it is also more expensive to put someone to death than it is for them to be sentenced to life in prison. The death penalty is wrong and inefficient, and I will oppose it.


One of the many reasons our education system is not satisfactory on a state level is that parents do not have enough choices. If you live in a school district that isn’t very good, you can’t go to a different school unless you are wealthy enough to afford private school. This is why we need school vouchers! Everybody pays taxes for education but what if you could take a portion of that tax money to fund a private education for your child? This would allow parents to give children the best education possible. It would also create competition between public and private schools to compete to offer the best education possible.

This means the best teachers, the best supplies, and the best learning all for the next generation. Some may argue this would leave public schools underfunded, but quite the opposite is true. If the state spends 10,000 dollars per student and you have 20 students in a class, but one leaves and uses a 5,000 dollar voucher for a private school that leaves the other 5,000 to be split up among the remaining 19 students. After all, is said and done this leaves 10,263 dollars per student afterward! School vouchers are an innovative and promising solution to our education system along with many other ideas. A zip code should not determine a child's future!

The funding mechanism for education is also broken as well. Right now education is paid for through property taxes, which means that the schools that get the most funding are the schools in wealthy neighborhoods. This needs to end. I propose funding education through the general budget which is paid for by the sales tax, and we should distribute the money according to need instead of by real estate value.


Energy policy should be determined by the free market, not by the government. It’s time to stop robbing taxpayers to subsidize energy industries that have paid off the politicians. Renewable energy doesn’t need to be subsidized, once non-renewable energy runs out the market will fill the void with the most efficient energy source which could be wind, solar, or something not previously thought of!

Entitlement Reform

Let’s face it. Our entitlement system is fundamentally broken. Over 70% of the federal budget is dedicated to mandatory entitlement spending and as the years go on that number will only get bigger. It’s time to devolve Medicaid and Medicare back to the states; this is a responsibility that does not lie with the federal government. At the state level, we should do everything possible to privatize and phase out Medicaid and Medicare. If we are to keep them, we need to make sure that the taxes we pay for them go to our own individual accounts as opposed to a collective pile. For the people who are already on Medicare, we should keep our promises and still pay what we promised, but we should pay for it by non-coercive measures such as the Sales Tax or the Lottery.


Taking care of the environment is a responsibility that lies with the states, not the federal government. At a state level, we need to have respect for private property. Which means that the role of government is to prevent individuals or companies that pollute other people's property. As for climate change, the scientific consensus is clear: climate change is real, and it is happening. What scientists do not agree on, however, is what to do about it. According to the Foundation for Economic Education, the government is a worse polluter than private businesses are! Also, the US isn’t even the most significant contributor to Climate Change, India and China are. So let's contemplate the ideas for a solution before immediately decided to tax and regulate American companies into oblivion. My answer is to shrink the size of government to reduce the pollution it causes and also to enforce private property rights. I am open to listening to other solutions that do not reduce the American standard of living or tax them into oblivion.


I believe that everybody is born equal regardless of race, religion, color, creed, sexual orientation, or gender. I sincerely believe that everyone should be treated equally under the law in a color-blind criminal justice system. I will fight against any form of bigotry or hatred no matter on which side it resides on. We are all individuals created in God’s image.

Gay Marriage

People ought to be free to marry whomever they want. The government should have no role in marriage. Don’t use the government to force your beliefs on someone else. Religious people shouldn’t use the government to stop gay people from getting married and by that same token gay people shouldn’t use the government to force pastors to administer a gay wedding. The beautiful thing about America is that we should all live our lives the way we want to as long as we don’t hurt anyone else.

Government Spending

The national debt has just recently surpassed 21 trillion dollars. Think about that for a second, 21 trillion dollars would be spending 30 million dollars a day since the day Jesus was born! Our spending is out of control, and it’s time we cut spending across the board. A lot of people only see this as a federal issue, but state spending also contributes to the national debt. Wasteful spending needs to be cut across the board at a federal and state level. If the American people have to balance their pocketbooks so should Congress!

Government Surveillance

The NSA currently partakes in the bulk collection of data from every American with a cell phone. This is an outrage. Under the 4th Amendment, we have a right to privacy that can only be surpassed with a specific search warrant. Right now millions of Americans Constitutional Liberties are being violated in the name of security. But as Ben Franklin said: “A society willing to give up liberty to purchase temporary security deserves neither and will lose both.” It’s time to end this violation of our rights and obey the Constitution instead.

Government Transparency

With the passage of Senate Bill 6617 through both houses of Congress, it’s obvious that neither party cares about transparency here in Washington State. Once you get elected to the state legislature, you only care about maintaining your position in government and protecting the interests of your cronies. If I were in the state house when this bill was brought up, I would have fought tooth and nail to make sure it was defeated. All areas of government should be completely transparent in all aspects. This is why I am calling for a complete audit of every agency and department in our state government. It’s time to see where our money is going!

Gun Rights

I am a proud supporter and defender of the 2nd Amendment, and any attempt to infringe on your God-given right to keep and bear arms I will oppose wholeheartedly. All of this being said I think there are a lot of things we can do to prevent these senseless and evil massacres of innocent people. I think increased security at schools is appropriate and necessary. An armed staff member at every school would go a long way in preventing a potential school shooting from happening. I am willing to look at any piece of legislation that increases safety while upholding the 2nd Amendment. Let’s debate this issue and talk about it without attributing evil motives to our political opponents.


One of the most significant problems in healthcare today is the conflation of health insurance to healthcare coverage. The idea of health insurance is to buy a premium for a catastrophic injury so you’ll be covered, like if you get cancer or break your leg. Buying premiums for routine doctor's visits distort the prices of care. You should be able to pay for doctors visits out of pocket without needing insurance. Buying an insurance premium that covers certain conditions but not others doesn’t make any sense. You should only pay for the care that you receive. This system is the equivalent of going to a cafe and asking how much a coffee costs and the waitress saying, “well drink it and we will bill you through your insurance in a couple of weeks.” If we eliminate all of these government mandates for specific care and get the government out of medical care, we will see prices drop and the quality of care rise. A free market in healthcare will result in lower costs, higher quality, and more people getting access to health care ever before!


The reason illegal immigration is a problem right now is that legal immigration is so difficult. The wait line for many people to get into this country is over a decade long. If we make it easier for good people to get into this country not as many people will jump the fence and come in illegally. We need to return to an Ellis Island style of immigration: disease check, security check, done! For the illegal immigrants already here we should give them legal status to stay and work. For the criminal illegal immigrants, they should be deported immediately. We need to recognize that immigration is a good thing! Immigration grows our economy and enriches our culture and country!


I fully support the decriminalization and legalization of Marijuana. People ought to be able to live their lives the way they want as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Even though I believe that Marijuana is harmful, I don’t believe that I should be able to stop someone from making a decision that only harms themselves. The fact of the matter is that Alcohol kills more people each year than Marijuana does it’s time to recognize this and stop putting people in jail for smoking a plant.

Minimum Wage

I fundamentally do not believe in a minimum wage, the fact of the matter is if my employer and I consensually agree for me to work for 10 dollars an hour why should the government make that contract illegal. If you can raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour and for there to magically be no economic repercussions why not raise it to 100 dollars an hour or 1000 dollars an hour? The fact is that for every job there is a market value for the labor that you produce. You should have the right to determine how much you want to sell your labor for.

Native American Tribes

There is no doubt that the Federal Government has wronged Native Americans in the past so I do believe that reparations are appropriate. But the question is how much reparations are needed for the injustice to be rectified imperfectly. Which is why I am proposing that legislators get together with Native American Tribes and come to an agreement on what that number an appropriate amount of reparations would be. Once a number is decided on the state should fund it non-coercively until it’s paid.

Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality was repealed back in December, and you haven’t had to pay 10 dollars to view a tweet on Twitter or 5 dollars to see an Instagram post. The fear-mongering surrounding this issue is ridiculous. The internet is functioning perfectly normally without Net Neutrality. I support keeping Net Neutrality repealed. Even if Comcast started prioritizing specific sites over other ones, there would be a market reaction to it. If your favorite sites were slowed down by Comcast, you would simply switch to a different ISP. The market will ensure that ISP’s do the right thing and keep the speed of content relatively even. Government regulation is not necessary and is counterproductive for the internet.

Public Transportation

Unfortunately, public transportation projects sound good in theory but don’t always materialize in the way we would like. Take for example the Sound Transit, for years this project has been going way over budget and has underperformed in its results. On top of that, the Sound Transit board is 100% unaccountable. It is estimated that the Sound Transit project will cost 40,000 dollars per household over the next 30 years to be used by approximately 3% of the population for transportation. A light rail is not the future of transit; it’s the past. The future of transportation lies in private transit increasing the quantity and quality of transportation. Uber and Lyft are perfect examples of this. We need to get the government out of the way in allowing new innovations for transportation.


If you talk to any small business owner they will tell you about the constant headache of government regulation. According to the Regulatory Studies Center, the Code of Federal Regulations has grown from 71,224 regulations in 1975 to 178,277 at the end of 2015. Having 178,277 regulations to comply with and keep track of is an impossible task. The only people who can afford the lawyers to decode the regulations are big businesses, but small businesses can’t afford to do this. Regulators may not intend to do this, but this removes competition for big companies and allows them to gain a monopoly on the market. Many times these regulations cause small businesses to go out of business, or they prevent anyone from pursuing their dreams of opening a small business. Also, many small business owners avoid hiring people at all possible costs, because the amount of paperwork and red tape that they have to comply with are staggering. We are taking the wrong approach to this issue. Instead of making it difficult for small business owners we need to make it easier for businesses to hire people. If you disincentivize people from hiring, you have the exact consequences that you would expect, job loss.

Religious Freedom

An important issue facing religious people today is the attack on their religious freedom. Countless cases have been brought to court over Christian bakers refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding or a priest refusing to marry a gay couple. Even though I might not always agree with their decisions, I believe religious people should not be forced to provide services to people with whom they disagree. Countless other cake shops and pastors would be willing to offer you what you want. Let’s not use the government to force people to comply with our worldview. Let’s live in peace and harmony free of government force.

Social Security

It’s time we realize the fact that Social Security is broken. Originally Social Security was supposed to maintain a 16 to 1 worker to beneficiary rate, but now it has fallen to a 3 to 1 rate. ¼ of the budget is now dedicated to Social Security, and the trust fund has been raided multiple times by both parties to fund wasteful wars and government spending. This current path is unsustainable. My plan to fix social security is a plan that puts each individual in charge of their plan while ensuring that those who have paid in still get what they paid out. First, it’s time we let young people opt out of Social Security. If you don’t want the government in charge of your retirement, you should be free to run it yourself. Secondly, all the money that you pay into Social Security should go to a personal account instead of a collective pile. You can use this account to buy private insurance, or you can keep it in a government account to use when you need it. For the people who are on Social Security or have paid into it, we should keep our promises and pay what has been promised to them. This system would eliminate all spending necessary for social security in the next 30-40 years.

State Parks & Public Lands

I love our National Parks. Many wonderful memories have been made with my family at them which is why I think it’s essential to protect and preserve them. That being said, all of our National Parks really should be run at a state level. There is no authority in the Constitution for the government to own and operate National Parks, this is a job for the states. Also, for land, the government owns that isn’t some sort of State Park or wildlife preserve really shouldn’t belong to the government at all. This is why I am proposing the largest land auction in history to sell off non state park government land to help pay off the national debt.


I despise taxes. They are immoral, counterproductive, and a headache. But obviously, some taxes are needed to fund things that the government does. But these taxes should be non-coercive, which means that the government cannot rob me at gunpoint to collect these taxes. Which is why I am absolutely opposed to an income tax, a sales tax is a much more moral alternative. I will vote for any legislation that lowers your taxes because when people get to keep more of their money, they, in turn, spend more and create wealth and jobs. Let’s lower everyone's taxes; rich and poor, and let's find moral alternatives to collect government revenue like sales taxes and tolls.

Term Limits

Our government is corrupt and our politicians along with it. Too long have career politicians only fought to serve what is in their best interest as opposed to fighting for the people for whom they represent. It’s time that every office in government gets term-limited. No one should spend their lives in a political office! We need new minds and fresh ideas to be circulated in and out of government to help find innovative solutions. This also helps solve the issue of politicians being bought by lobbyists. If an elected official is only in office for a set amount of time they would be more inclined to actually accomplish something based on principles as opposed to just trying to get reelected.


I am a big believer in free trade. Trading with other nations not only makes us wealthier and more prosperous as a nation it also serves as a diplomatic tool with foreign nations. When Americans are allowed to buy the cheapest products available, it will enable us to save money and spend it on other things. Free trade has lifted billions out of poverty and will continue to enrich our nation.


According to US News, Seattle has the 6th worst traffic in the United States. Drivers total up to 66 hours annually sitting in traffic, this is ridiculous and must stop. In 2005 voters paid for a 5 cent gas tax to fund a new lane on 405. They built the lane, but now they are asking us to pay overpriced tolls to drive in a lane we already paid taxes on! This is ridiculous, and it’s time to end the toll lane on 405 and open it up for general usage.


Our veterans have fought and died to protect our freedoms here at home, and we owe them an unpayable debt. Unfortunately, too many of our veterans have been forgotten and neglected by the VA. In the past couple of years, it has been revealed to us that the VA is hopelessly corrupt and has been handing out bonuses to its employees while veterans die waiting in line. This is a gross misuse of funds. That is why I am calling for an end to the VA and for the money that's being spent on the VA to be sent to the veterans via direct check to seek out medical treatment for themselves.

War on Drugs

Ever since Nixon declared the War on Drugs, we have spent over a trillion dollars and incarcerated millions of Americans for a non-violent crime. Listen, I personally despise drugs and think that they are incredibly dangerous but it’s because they are illegal is why they are so dangerous. Drug dealers don’t check ID’s, and when you buy drugs, you don’t know what they can be laced with so the death rate spikes substantially. In Portugal, they have decriminalized drugs, and addiction rates have hit an all-time low. Fundamentally, you should be able to lie your life the way you choose as long as you don’t hurt anyone else. Let’s not make the same mistakes that we made during prohibition; it’s time to treat drug addiction as a medical problem, not a criminal one. Let’s end the war on drugs once and for all.

Welfare Reform

Welfare today is fundamentally broken. People who are in poverty are trapped because the way welfare is designed it keeps them impoverished. The main problem is benefit cliffs. A benefit cliff is a situation that occurs when someone who qualifies for welfare benefits gets a job that makes above a certain amount to disqualify them for welfare, so they decide not to take the job or not take the raise. This is a perfect example of government preventing someone from achieving success. Welfare needs to be a stairway to success as opposed to a hammock. Let's taper welfare benefits to need. Lets incrementally decrease the welfare someone receives as they get more money. If we can design welfare to get people out of it as opposed to on it we will be on the right track to progress in America.

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